Information on the current offer of professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance can be found below.
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Northern Alliance Online Primary Maths Conference

What makes for a good maths question? Why do fractions continue to pose problems for learners? Why is ‘retrieval’ important and what strategies can be used to improve retention?

Join us as we attempt to answer these questions through a series of workshops.

WHEN – Saturday 28th November

Target – Primary teachers

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Coaching through a Crisis

Coaching colleagues through uncertain times and complex situations can be challenging and we can sometimes feel outwith our comfort zone in terms of our skills to do this effectively. This session will explore coaching approaches and techniques that may enable you to more confidently support others, in a non-directive way, during difficult times.

TARGET – This CLPC session is being offered as part of the Peer coaching Programme and is open to all colleagues currently participating in NA coaching programmes and courses as well as those who have existing coaching experience.

WHEN – Tuesday 1st December, 4-5pm

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Aberdeenshire Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

The purpose of this session is to share the staff wellbeing toolkit, developed by Aberdeenshire Council Educational Psychological Service. The pack was put together to offer suggestions and ideas to promote physical and mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus Pandemic and continues to be relevant as wellbeing continues to be a priority across the system.

During the session you will hear more about the toolkit and find out more about activities that can be easily incorporated into daily routines to support positive health and wellbeing.

TARGET: Suitable for those wishing to think about how they can improve their own wellbeing or looking for ideas to support those they work alongside.

WHEN: Thursday 10th December, 16.00-17.00

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Wellbeing Wednesdays

During this webinar series we will introduce you to the science of positive psychology and Martin Seligman’s PERMAH model, as a way to lead us to greater levels of wellbeing and move us from functioning to flourishing.

WHEN – all sessions 4-5pm

  • 11th Nov – Overview/Positive Emotions
  • 25th Nov – Engagement
  • 9th Dec – Relationships
  • 20th Jan – Meaning
  • 3rd Feb – Accomplishment
  • 24th Feb – Health

Registration for the full series has now closed but it’s not too late to join in, please get in touch by email if you would be interested.

Northern Alliance Family Learning Language Resource Launch

Do you want to help parents engage more in helping their children to learn languages at home? Then look no further – the Northern Alliance have a new free Family Learning resource available to support you.

Join us for the launch of this new and exciting comprehensive online resource that is now available to all families and carers across the Northern Alliance to help them learn languages together.

TARGET – Early Years practitioners and Primary teachers

WHEN – Tuesday 1st December, 4-5pm

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Promoting Equity Week Resources

Presentations and classroom resources from our Promoting Equity can all be found at the event website – link below.

Promoting Equity Week website

Professional Learning from Education Scotland

Shaping our Future through STEM – an Education Scotland Webinar Series

Click on the links below to find out more and register.

Session 1 – 15th Sept – Planning STEM learning activities

This session will provide practical suggestions for those starting to plan STEM learning – the Why? Who? What? and When? of planning as well as ideas, inspiration and the opportunity to share practice with colleagues across the Northern Alliance.

Session 2 – 27th Oct – Learning for Sustainability & STEM

This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on whole school and community approaches to LfS and  how we draw together STEM, global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create transformative learning experiences.

Session 3 – 17th Nov – Play-based learning in STEM for upper primary and secondary

Explore play-based learning in STEM; what are the benefits? What does this look like with older pupils? How can we create opportunities for play-based learning? Learn how to take a step back and move from structured to free play in STEM!

Session 4 – 9th Dec – How to promote STEM through the leaning environment

How do our learning spaces, use of language and STEM role models encourage all pupils to engage with STEM? This session will support practitioners to reflect on all aspects of practice that positively influence our pupils and help them see that STEM is for them!

Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights

A series of twilights from colleagues from Education Scotland will give practitioners an overview of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and the current legislative and policy climate. Practitioners will have the opportunity to reflect on how they can take forward rights based approaches in their own practice, and protect and respect the rights of children. The session is for all practitioners working with children aged 3-18. There will be an opportunity to have discussions in Gaelic Medium in the break out conversations for those who prefer. Please note that this is a progressive series of professional learning, and participants should attend all 4 sessions.


  • Monday 9th Nov – 16.00 – 17.30
  • Wednesday 16th Nov – 16.00 – 17.30
  • Thursday 3rd Dec – 16.00 – 17.30
  • Monday 7th Dec – 16.00 – 17.30

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Professional Learning from the University of Aberdeen

FREE Short Course – Biology: Online STEM Training for Teachers

Enhance your subject knowledge and skills in biology, with this fully-funded CPD course designed for Higher and Advanced Higher biology teachers in Scotland.

The course will help you reflect on your current practice as a teacher, and improve your subject knowledge and skills in biology. It’ll boost your confidence in supporting pupils to apply new biology knowledge in real-world situations, and sparking their interest in project work and experiments.

Find out more and register HERE!


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