Information on the current offer of professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance can be found below.
Check out our Digital Help & Support page which contains interactive images full of information and helpful guidance on accessing Glow whether this is for meetings or professional learning. The information also contains details of where to find additional help and support from within your own local authority for resetting accounts and passwords.

You can also look forward to a full range of professional learning opportunities coming up in the 2021/22 school session with our Professional Learning Overview 2021-22:

Include Me!
Our Include Me! event featured a variety of bite-size sessions with a focus on pupil participation. Sessions included:
  • the involvement of children in policy development – with the launch of the Northern Alliance Equalities Guidance
  • gathering views from children who may be non-verbal
  • include me! in curriculum making in Early Years
  • embedding young people’s voices in developing a children’s services plan
  • the UNCRC, unconscious bias and me (for Early Years, primary and secondary)
  • project hope – a youth led not for profit project tackling loneliness
  • and much more!
Catch up on recorded sessions on our event website and head to the Connect to Collaborate section to get in touch if you have practice you would like to share or if you would be interested in being involved in a Network to meet colleagues who share a similar interest in the area of Youth Voice and Pupil Participation.

Professional Learning from Education Scotland

Numeracy Professional Learning Resource Webinar Series

Education Scotland will be hosting joint numeracy professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance and Tayside Regional Improvement Collaboratives. A series of 5 webinars will support the themes outlined in Education Scotland’s suite of Numeracy Professional Learning Resources.

Northern Alliance pracittioners can register at the links below (note all session are 16.00 – 17.30):

Webinar 1 – Number & Number Processes, Tues 27th April

Webinar 2 – Fractions, Decimal Fractions & Percentages, Thurs 20th May

Webinar 3 – Data & Analysis, Tues 15th June

Webinar 4 – Time, Thurs 23rd Sept

Webinar 5, Ideas of Chance & Uncertainty, 28th Oct,

Children’s Rights – What? Why? How?

A series of  interactive sessions from colleagues from Education Scotland to support practitioners to:  

  • Develop their understanding of what children’s rights are
  • Become familiar with why rights are relevant and further understand the current policy and legislative context
  • Explore how to embed rights based approaches into practice.

WHEN: 29th April | 6th May | 19th May (participants are expected to attend all 3 sessions) Register here

Parental Engagement – challenges, opportunities and the way forward

This interactive session is an opportunity for education practitioners and parents / carers to share their experiences of learning during lockdown, and reflect on the challenges and the successes. Participants will then consider how we learn from this, and plan next steps to improve outcomes for learners through parental engagement. A follow up event in Autumn 2021 will continue the conversation and allow settings to share their journey.

Participating schools are invited to nominate up to 2 members of staff and 2 parents to attend.​​​​​​​

WHEN: Wednesday 28th April – choose from 13.30 – 14.30; 16.30 – 17.30; or 18.00 – 19.00 Register here

Education Scotland CLPL Catch Up

Shaping our Future through STEM – a webinar series
Session 1 – Planning STEM learning activities

This session will provide practical suggestions for those starting to plan STEM learning – the Why? Who? What? and When? of planning as well as ideas, inspiration and the opportunity to share practice with colleagues across the Northern Alliance.

Session 2 Learning for Sustainability & STEM

This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on whole school and community approaches to LfS and  how we draw together STEM, global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create transformative learning experiences.

Session 3 – Play-based learning in STEM for upper primary and secondary

Explore play-based learning in STEM; what are the benefits? What does this look like with older pupils? How can we create opportunities for play-based learning? Learn how to take a step back and move from structured to free play in STEM!


Session 4 – How to promote STEM through the leaning environment

How do our learning spaces, use of language and STEM role models encourage all pupils to engage with STEM? This session will support practitioners to reflect on all aspects of practice that positively influence our pupils and help them see that STEM is for them!


Guidance for accessing online CLPL sessions on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams in Glow.

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