Information on the current offer of professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance can be found below.
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Access an overview of professional learning opportunities planned for 2021-22 along with details of the new NQT programme from the buttons below.

What’s on this term…

Click on the links below to book your place on the current professional learning sessions. This section will be updated regularly when new opportunities are added.

Various dates

If you are planning on reviewing your transitions at all stages within your school, or as an ASG, then this professional learning will share the research and documentation, reflective questions, provide opportunities to collaborate and tools to take it forward in your context.

Choose from five cohort date options. Register for your preferred cohort by selecting the date for session 1.

Note – participants should attend both session 1 and 2.

Starting Monday 3rd November 19.30 – 20.30

In February 2021 every school and educator across the Northern Alliance was invited to register to attend the Osiris World Education Summit, an online conference featuring hundreds of well known keynote speakers, across 6 stages and 10 themes. The great news is that the legacy continues and everyone is still able to access many of the fantastic sessions online via Summit Central.

The purpose of this informal professional learning activity is an opportunity for educators to connect around some of the themes and sessions available on summit central. The recordings, which participants will be invited to watch and reflect on in advance of the session, will provide a stimulus for discussion and learning.

The next Summit Central Connect session on 1st December will be exploring ‘A Model for Collective Efficacy‘ by Jenni Donohoo.

Starting Thursday 13th January, 16.00 – 17.00

Secondary Subject Groups – BGE Tracking and Monitoring Cohort 2

Get together with practitioners from across the Northern Alliance to connect and share ideas about tracking and monitoring learner progress within the BGE. There will be opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences and to share examples of practice exploring the why, what and how of tracking and monitoring.

Target Audience: Secondary HTs, DHTs, PTs and Tracking and Monitoring Leads

Session through the year

Join colleagues from across the Northern Alliance to be part of a network exploring the cost of the school day and associated barriers to learning.

Over six sessions, starting 8th November, participants will come together to create and shape a network for improvement, including equity and PEF case studies and sharing of practice that has impact. Sessions will support identifying barriers to learning faced by children and young people around the cost of the school day and explore how we can work together to mitigate such barriers.

If you would like to join the network please get in touch by email.

Transitions – Follow-up CLPL

Now that you have attended the Northern Alliance Transitions CLPL these sessions are an opportunity to share success around the *4 Principles for successful transitions, share practice, resources, learn from and together.

If you are reviewing your transitions at all stages within your school, or as an ASG, then this professional learning will revisit the research and documentation, share reflective questions, provide opportunities to collaborate and tools to take it forward in your context.

Starting Monday 10th January, 16.00-17.30

Join colleagues from across the Northern Alliance in this two-part professional learning programme, which will allow school leaders to explore the why and what of your local skills agenda. This session will provide time to connect, discuss and network with colleagues to explore what this means for you and your context.

Session 1 – Overview – why and what?

  • Why skills and why now?
  • What skills do our learners need to be good at life now and in the future?
  • Skills for the future: meta-skills
  • What opportunities are there for skills development within your curriculum?

Session 2 – Overview – how? Monday 24th January, 16.00 – 17.30

  • How do we create the correct conditions for skills development?
  • How do we ensure there is adequate progression towards future pathways for all young people?
  • How do we track skills development and assist learners to profile these to advance their careers pathways and link to qualifications?
Starting Wednesday 24th November

Using research informed practice with the greatest gains this network will focus on taking forward meta-cognition strategies through collaborative working. The focus will be on review of learning –retrieval practice.

Participants should attend all 4 sessions and take forward an area to develop in their context to share with the rest of the network. At the end of the 4 sessions participants would contribute to a Thinglink to share what they have learned which can then be shared across the Northern Alliance.

Please see the Digital Innovation sway for a detailed overview of last session.

Target: Primary and Secondary colleagues working at 1st level and above.

Thursday 25th November, 16.00 – 17.00

SCILT/CISS Professional Learning for Northern Alliance Practitioners

Tackling Controversial Issues in the Languages Classroom

From Black Lives Matter to the climate crisis; from immigration to gender bias; from polarising politics to mental health – controversial issues permeate the curriculum, and they spark curiosity and often passion in young people. So how can we approach these issues in the context of language learning? This workshop will explore strategies for tackling controversial issues safely and effectively in the languages classroom.

STEM in the North – Webinars for Pracitioners

STEM is a key part of the economy across the Northern Alliance and equally STEM skills and knowledge helps us all make sense of the world around us. This series of webinars will focus on STEM in the North and explore the inspirational experiences, connections and opportunities for all our learners.

Programme details and links to register for the sessions can be found here.

STEM Industry sessions too!

This series of webinars will focus on STEM Industry in the North. We will hear from regional employers in key STEM sectors about their jobs, the skills involved,pathways including apprenticeships and future direction of the industry.
Sessions will run from 5-6pm on Wednesdays each month until next June. Find out more and sign up via the links below:

Catch up on recorded sessions on our event website and head to the Connect to Collaborate section to get in touch if you have practice you would like to share or if you would be interested in being involved in a Network to meet colleagues who share a similar interest in the area of Youth Voice and Pupil Participation.

Include Me!
Our Include Me! event featured a variety of bite-size sessions with a focus on pupil participation. Sessions included:
  • the involvement of children in policy development – with the launch of the Northern Alliance Equalities Guidance
  • gathering views from children who may be non-verbal
  • include me! in curriculum making in Early Years
  • embedding young people’s voices in developing a children’s services plan
  • the UNCRC, unconscious bias and me (for Early Years, primary and secondary)
  • project hope – a youth led not for profit project tackling loneliness
  • and much more!


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