Information on the current offer of professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance can be found below.
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Calling Early Years practitioners!
Join us for informal sessions to share how you are using the Realising the Ambition document with your children and hear from colleagues across the Northern Alliance.
Sessions will be every 4 weeks starting Wednesday 17th February, 16.00 – 17.00
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Our DHT Network launched in February with an event focused on leading remote learning. Members were welcomed by RIC lead Helen Budge and over the course of the session had the opportunity to connect with colleagues to share experience and practice. There are now well over 100 network members from all sectors. New members are welcome at any time. 
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Are you a New DHT or Acting DHT?
You are invited to join our Breaktime Blether sessions which will provide an opportunity to talk, share what’s going on for you and learn together/from each other in an informal setting.
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Professional Learning

Curriculum Rationale in Action

What is the why, what and how of a curriculum rationale?
School management teams are invited to see how one school, Connolly School Campus in West Lothian, wraps their curriculum round the needs of their learners and nurtures partnerships to enrich learners’ experiences and life chances. See how they utilise IDL as one of the four contexts for learning to prepare learners for an ever changing world.

WHEN – Wednesday 21st April – 14.00 – 15.30

Find our more and register

Six-week Complete Gaelic Language & Pedagogy Consolidation Course

Are you a primary teacher delivering Gaelic as an L2 or L3? The six-week course is suitable for teachers with no or very little Gaelic or those that would like to refresh their Gaelic.

Complemented by Northern Alliance training videos, participants can practice after sessions at their own pace. Practical advice and examples of how Gaelic can be embedded across your school setting and into daily routines or used as an L3 will also be provided.

WHEN – from Wednesday 29th April – Register here!

Transitions CLPL for Primary and Secondary Management Teams
  • Who are the most vital people in a child’s/young person’s network during transitions?
  • How do you manage aspirations?
  • How do you adapt transitions through the lens of Covid-19?
  • What is vital, very important, important in transition processes?

If you are planning on reviewing your transitions at all stages within your school, or as an ASG, then this professional learning is for you! 

Find out more and register for one of the three date options in April and May. Starting either 26th April | 29th April | or 10th May

Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL)

Do you and your setting want to begin to re-focus on IDL and what it can offer our children and young people? These professional learning sessions will look at the ‘Why, What and How of IDL’.

Class Teachers & Visiting Specialists will work with fellow colleagues to open up IDL and share examples of how schools and partners are being ambitious through the development of bold IDL experiences.

  • Class Teachers & Visiting Specialists – two sessions, Tuesday 4th May & Thursday 20th May, 15.30 – 17.00 Register here!

Getting Started with Coaching

Effective coaching can offer the support and encouragement people need to achieve their goals. Non-directive coaching is proven to be a highly effective way of supporting individuals and teams to lead improvement, cope with change and manage stress thorough a structured process that empowers individuals to come up with their own solutions to challenging tasks.

The Getting Started with Coaching programme supports leaders at all levels to continue to make organisational decisions as well as provide personal support to continue to lead effectively at this time of change and complexity.

WHEN: Thursday 13th May & Thursday 20th May, 16.00 – 17.30 Register here

An outline of the programme can be found here.

An Introduction to Leadership Coaching (cohort 2)

The Introduction to Leadership Coaching programme is being delivered on behalf of the Northern Alliance Leadership workstream by Growth Coaching International. As well as developing your coaching skills, you will have time and space to think about what you can and will do in your context to build the capacity of those you work with and strengthen a culture of coaching.

Places on this programme are limited to 24. Apply for a place via our Sharepoint site – closing date 29th March.

Differentiation Strategies in Languages & Multi-Composite Class Approaches

Consider some of the challenges of differentiation and multi-composite class teaching with languages, real examples of effective teaching strategies will be shared which allow all learners to engage with language learning.

WHEN – 10th May, 15.45 – 16.45 Register here

Ensuring Progression in Language Learning

This session will look at the level of expectation for learners in their L2 and L3 at each stage and provide examples of what this could look like in a classroom. We will look at how to take learning from one level to the next with examples and share ways of tracking and monitoring progress.

WHEN – 17th May, 15.45 – 16.45 Register here

Celebrating Achievements in Languages
A chance to explore what assessment looks like in the primary classroom

During this session we will look at fun and innovative activities for learners to share their learning in class, with parents and the wider school community. Grab a puppet, be ready to sing, ask for a croissant and be dazzled by Apps!

WHEN – 24th May, 15.45 – 16.45 Register here

Professional Learning from Education Scotland

Numeracy Professional Learning Resource Webinar Series

Education Scotland will be hosting joint numeracy professional learning for practitioners across the Northern Alliance and Tayside Regional Improvement Collaboratives. A series of 5 webinars will support the themes outlined in Education Scotland’s suite of Numeracy Professional Learning Resources.

Northern Alliance pracittioners can register at the links below (note all session are 16.00 – 17.30):

Webinar 1 – Number & Number Processes, Tues 27th April

Webinar 2 – Fractions, Decimal Fractions & Percentages, Thurs 20th May

Webinar 3 – Data & Analysis, Tues 15th June

Webinar 4 – Time, Thurs 23rd Sept

Webinar 5, Ideas of Chance & Uncertainty, 28th Oct,

Children’s Rights – What? Why? How?

A series of  interactive sessions from colleagues from Education Scotland to support practitioners to:  

  • Develop their understanding of what children’s rights are
  • Become familiar with why rights are relevant and further understand the current policy and legislative context
  • Explore how to embed rights based approaches into practice.

WHEN: 29th April | 6th May | 19th May (participants are expected to attend all 3 sessions) Register here

Parental Engagement – challenges, opportunities and the way forward

This interactive session is an opportunity for education practitioners and parents / carers to share their experiences of learning during lockdown, and reflect on the challenges and the successes. Participants will then consider how we learn from this, and plan next steps to improve outcomes for learners through parental engagement. A follow up event in Autumn 2021 will continue the conversation and allow settings to share their journey.

Participating schools are invited to nominate up to 2 members of staff and 2 parents to attend.​​​​​​​

WHEN: Wednesday 28th April – choose from 13.30 – 14.30; 16.30 – 17.30; or 18.00 – 19.00 Register here

Education Scotland CLPL Catch Up

Shaping our Future through STEM – a webinar series
Session 1 – Planning STEM learning activities

This session will provide practical suggestions for those starting to plan STEM learning – the Why? Who? What? and When? of planning as well as ideas, inspiration and the opportunity to share practice with colleagues across the Northern Alliance.

Session 2 Learning for Sustainability & STEM

This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on whole school and community approaches to LfS and  how we draw together STEM, global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create transformative learning experiences.

Session 3 – Play-based learning in STEM for upper primary and secondary

Explore play-based learning in STEM; what are the benefits? What does this look like with older pupils? How can we create opportunities for play-based learning? Learn how to take a step back and move from structured to free play in STEM!


Session 4 – How to promote STEM through the leaning environment

How do our learning spaces, use of language and STEM role models encourage all pupils to engage with STEM? This session will support practitioners to reflect on all aspects of practice that positively influence our pupils and help them see that STEM is for them!


Guidance for accessing online CLPL sessions on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams in Glow.

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