This workstream strives to strengthen leadership at all levels through increased opportunities to participate in Northern Alliance-wide, high quality, collaborative leadership learning. The creation of a leadership database will illustrate pathways and signpost teachers to professional learning activities along the leadership journey.

The workstream will champion school empowerment and self-improving approaches across the Regional Improvement Collaborative.

The workstream will also support the ongoing development of the Northern Alliance Learning Hub, in collaboration with Education Scotland and the University of Aberdeen, developing an ongoing programme of events and opportunities for collaboration and sharing practice, knowledge and expertise.

Find out more about the improvement activities for this workstream in the Northern Alliance Regional Improvement Plan Phase 3. If you are a teacher or practitioner looking to benefit from specialist resources and/or networking opportunities, join us via our SharePoint site in Glow or see the Contact Us page to link in directly with specialists.

You can also follow us on Twitter – @NAlliance for our main feed and @NA_leadership for all the latest news on this workstream.

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