The Community Learning and Development network continues to develop and promote community learning and parental engagement with a family learning resources pack now available for all authorities to run individual events.

The network will be working with the West Partnership CLD network to share learning to focus on improving the content of CLD plans going forward; a fantastic example of cross-collaborative working.

The Equalities network has a keen interest in exploring and maximising pupil voice in relation to equalities outcomes and policy. Data has been collected from a variety of settings across the Northern Alliance in relation to equality and diversity policies, and this workstream will engage with key working groups to engage collaboratively on an ongoing basis. Stonewall is offering a reduced rate to local authorities to complete a benchmarking exercise to recognise their contributions as inclusive employers.

Updates on these areas of collaboration will continue to be shared on our website, via newsletters and on our Glow site. If you are a teacher or practitioner looking to benefit from specialist resources and/or networking opportunities, join us via our SharePoint site in Glow or see the Contact Us page to link in directly with specialists.

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