STEM Professional Learning with Education Scotland

Education Scotland have a number of national and local professional learning opportunities coming up this term with a focus on STEM. Whether just starting your STEM journey or looking for approaches from fellow secondary practitioners, there is something to suit all stages. Take a look and sign up:

Starting out in STEM

  • Session 1: Mon 6th February 4-5pm (1 hour)
  • Session 2: Mon 20th March 4-5pm (1 hour)

Don’t know where to start with STEM learning and teaching? Want to improve your confidence in this area and know where to find resources? Then this two part series is for you!

These events are aimed at early learning and childcare, ASN and primary practitioners who are starting out in STEM. Sessions will explore three provocations designed to look at what STEM pedagogy and contexts for STEM learning look like, why we teach STEM, and how we teach STEM.

Both live sessions will give you a chance to connect with colleagues and engage in depth discussion around your STEM practice. There will be signposts to helpful resources to get you started plus opportunities to network.

Before attending, we will ask you to watch three short provocations (approx. 3 mins each). These will be emailed to you shortly after sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: By signing up you are signing up to both sessions and where possible should attend both Sign up via Eventbrite: Starting out in STEM (2-part series) – Session 1 | Events | News and events | Education Scotland

Secondary Sciences Network – BGE (2) – Fraserburgh Academy’s approach to STEM in the BGE

  • Tues 21st Feb 16:45 – 17:45 (1 hour)

This event is aimed at secondary science teachers. This is the second of three sessions looking at BGE in the sciences.

This session will focus on Fraserburgh Academy’s approach to STEM in the BGE. Hear from them as they describe how they created their STEM strategy, how they timetable STEM in the BGE and the way they use challenge and context based learning in STEM.

There will be a chance to ask questions and opportunity for discussion. Sign up via Eventbrite: SSN: BGE(2) Fraserburgh Academy’s approach to STEM in the BGE Tickets, Tue 21 Feb 2023 at 16:45 | Eventbrite

Creativity and science IDL pilot (secondary)

  • Thurs 23rd Feb 4-5pm (1 hour)

Are you a science or art teacher with an interest in IDL? What if a science teacher and an art and design teacher worked together to map out an experience that we could offer in BGE? Come along to find out more and be part of this exciting pilot to create a science based experience using the creative design process. This will be in partnership with Daydream believers so if you are already working with them, this could be a great opportunity for you to explore further.

Sign up via Eventbrite: Creativity and Science IDL pilot Tickets, Thu 23 Feb 2023 at 16:00 | Eventbrite

STEM Nation Award and Aberdeenshire STEM transition project (Aberdeenshire)

  • 7th February 2023 –3:30 pm to 5pm (STEM nation award relevant to all sectors including CLD)

The first half of this session will provide an introduction to the STEM Nation Award Programme, including the benefits and nature of the programme. There will be opportunities for practitioners to discuss ideas and identify potential challenges. The second half will look at the Aberdeenshire STEM transition project developed by the LoveLearning team and Aberdeenshire RAISE officers and supported by Macduff Aquarium and the Rivers Trust.

  • 3:30 – 4:15pm – STEM nation award
  • 4:15 – 5pm – Aberdeenshire STEM transition project

Sign up here:

Highland Science Network

Education Scotland will also be supporting a Science Network meeting/CLPL day on 22nd February in Highland Council where information about the STEM nation award will be shared.

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