Gaelic Learning Opportunities

e-Sgoil, along with partners UHI Outer Hebrides, have some great opportunities for young people interested in learning Gaelic. Online courses are available for learners and fluent speakers at National 5 and Higher level where they will connect with others across Scotland.

The courses are designed to help develop skills and knowledge rapidly, getting even those learners with no Gaelic at the start of the course to a level of confidence and fluency quickly. This is an exciting opportunity for young people to learn Scotland’s oldest national language.

Learning Gaelic opens doors to many things, including exciting career choices, further education, Scottish culture, history, geography, tourism and wellbeing.

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A Phrase a Day for Gaelic Week Scotland

Gaelic Week Scotland will take place from 20th – 26th of February 2023.   Why not learn a word or phrase a day with our daily language challenge ThingLink.

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