Practitioners from all schools and early years settings across the eight Northern Alliance council areas can now sign up for free places at this year’s World Education Summit. This is fully funded by the Northern Alliance and means you can enjoy year-long, flexible access to professional learning tools and talks as part of ‘Summit Central’, as well as the conference itself from 21 to 24 March.

Learn from world-leading education experts across a range of specialisms, connect and collaborate across schools, clusters, authorities and beyond, and share in the latest educational research and practices.

You must register using a bespoke Northern Alliance registration link to gain FREE access. Everything you need to know about how to register is being shared with lead education officers and professional learning leads within each local authority. It is also available via our Northern Alliance SharePoint site in Glow. You’ll be able to access a padlet with lots of key pointers and information as well as the bespoke registration page. You can register as an individual or one person from your school or setting can upload participants on behalf of a group.

Our padlet also includes details of this year’s keynote speeches and workshops, sessions recommended by the Northern Alliance and local authorities, and more. Even if you can’t attend the event live, please register so that you can watch recorded sessions and benefit from year-long access to ‘Summit Central’.

After you have signed up and up to a week before the event begins, you’ll receive an email from summit organisers. You’ll then be able to explore the impressive World Education Summit platform.

The Summit is the largest annual virtual gathering of the greatest minds in education, passionate teachers and brave leaders from every corner of the world. Over 200+ speakers will present over 4 days (21-24 March) on 10 stages, across 10 themes, including Professor John Hattie, Dr Jenni Donohoo, Professor Alma Harris and our very own Northern Alliance Quality Improvement Manager, Kathleen Johnson who will present alongside Professor Michael Fullan.

Practitioners across the Northern Alliance will be able to enjoy a bespoke package, including breakout rooms for everyone from our local areas to get together. A Northern Alliance Signposting Guide which is available via the WES padlet highlights the timings of these sessions.

If you are struggling to access Glow or haven’t been able to find the registration details via your local authority, then please get in touch by emailing

World Education Summit flyer.
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