Do you currently run or would you be interested in running a breakfast cart at your school?

Northern Alliance Lead Officer for Raising Attainment and Closing the Poverty-Related Attainment Gap, Jo Kirby is currently looking for colleagues from early years, primary and secondary settings to join a Breakfast Cart Network.

Jo has been working with Professor John McKendrick of SPIRU (Scottish Poverty Inequalities Research Unit) based at Glasgow Caledonia University and Cauldeen Primary School in Highland to evaluate the impact of breakfast cart projects. She is now hoping to work with more settings to make a difference to children and young people across the eight Northern Alliance local authorities.

Setting up a breakfast cart allows all pupils to help themselves to breakfast in the morning, before lessons and during the morning before lunch.

Joining the Northern Alliance Breakfast Cart Network is a chance to connect with colleagues from ELC, Primary and Secondary settings to share ideas, practice, research and evaluation around breakfast carts for children and young people.

  • What is the impact hunger and or/poverty has on pupil attendance, participation and engagement?
  • Can we measure the improvement that can be made when we introduce free universal breakfast provision?

Three initial Breakfast Cart Network sessions will take place between February-April 2022.

If you would like to join in, please get in touch with Jo by emailing

This project was inspired by similar analysis which has been done in East Renfrewshire. You can read a report on this on the Greggs Foundation website.

Learn more about why evaluating the impact of this project will make a difference.
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