We are very pleased to share a special edition of the #Collaboration newsletter where Michael Fullan offers reflections 10 months into his journey of presenting the ‘Right Drivers for Whole System Success’.

Michael Fullan is a Canadian educational researcher and former dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). He is noted for his expertise on educational reform, and has worked with teacher groups, research institutes and governments all over the world. Michael is also a world renowned author and this year he shared ‘The right drivers for whole system success.’

He is interested in what we’re doing, right here, across our eight local authorities.

The Northern Alliance and Education Scotland’s Northern Team are exploring how Michael’s ‘treasure map’ is already being put into practice across the eight council areas, as well as how the drivers may shape the area’s Regional Improvement Plan from 2022.

View the newsletter now: https://bit.ly/CollaborationRightDrivers

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