Lorna Campbell teaches art through the medium of Gaelic, online through e-Sgoil, our e-learning school. She works with Gaelic Medium Education (GME) schools across Scotland and usually delivers six-week-long inputs during which primary pupils learn about and are given the opportunity to make art under her direction.

Lorna has prepared blocks about the visual elements or hot and cold colours, but lessons can also be tailored to fit around the school’s curriculum, a teacher’s requests, or topical events. For St Andrew’s Day, for example, pupils made paper kilts. Any GME school can register an interest in benefiting from these sessions.

Both pupils and teachers benefit from the art inputs. One teacher from Sgoil Bhrèascleit in Lewis highlighted: “The pupils really enjoyed the lessons and Lorna was so helpful. We no longer have an art teacher, so it was great to have the opportunity to learn from a specialist.”

Others have said that it’s great to integrate the lessons into their interdisciplinary learning activities and that it’s great to benefit from art lesson plans in advance of sessions too.

Currently, Lorna is working with Castlebay Primary, Stornoway Primary, Sgoil a’ Bhac, Sgoil Bhrèascleit, Sgoil Shiaboist, Portree Primary, Goodlyburn Primary and Whitehirst Park Primary. Many other schools have registered an interest in sessions for the new year. Shortly she will also be delivering sessions through i-Sgoil, a new branch of e-Sgoil that offers tuition for pupils who aren’t attending school for a range of reasons.

You can find out more about Lorna’s work in this online article. For further information, please contact e-sgoil@gnes.net

You can also find out more about e-Sgoil’s work and a range of programmes coming forward in 2022 including Study Support and online learning opportunities for pupils of all ages at www.e-sgoil.com

Examples of learners’ art.
Map showing schools involved at the moment.
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