Today (Monday 18 October) is World Menopause Day. But is menopause something we should touch upon more often? As women, men, colleagues, carers and friends, menopause (and perimenopause) is something we should all be well-informed about.

We ran a poll on Twitter to ask if colleagues would be interested in the Northern Alliance hosting a Menopause Café and we received feedback from 62.5% of respondents saying yes, plus a further 18.8% who’d like more information first. It’s an informal, supportive opportunity for colleagues to come together and chat regardless of sex or age. We can all help each other to learn and understand. This is something we’ll consider in a bit more detail and share with you soon.

In the meantime, you may find a new platform launched by NHS inform helpful: We know talking, understanding and sharing is important for our wellbeing, and menopause is no different. This resource may help to support or prepare you, or help you support others in your life.

You can also find out more about support available through the Menopause Café at:

The Scottish Government set out actions to support women’s health – at all ages and stages – this year. Read the Women’s Health Plan on the Scottish Government’s website.

Kathleen Johnston, Northern Alliance Quality Improvement Manager, shared her perspective on this important topic. She said: “Just a little bit of myth-busting can help women through menopause and perimenopause. Knowing and understanding symptoms can include brain fog or confusion as well as physical symptoms, for example, can help people relate to each other, feel less alone and find coping mechanisms.”

Laurence Findlay who is Director of Education and Children’s Services for Aberdeenshire Council added: “It is really important we all understand how menopause can affect people in both our personal and professional lives. That understanding could have a huge impact on someone’s life, and I’m definitely keen to learn more.”

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