Stornoway Primary School has been accessing ‘Gàidhlig Bheò’ through the National e-Learning offer at e-Sgoil. This collaboration began during lockdown, initially to support oral literacy skills in Gàidhlig, and has continued to develop.

All Gàidhlig Medium classes are participating in virtual, interactive, online sessions with e-Sgoil. Pupils are enjoying the sessions and are motivated to develop their fluency skills in the Gàidhlig language.

GM4/5 pupils are have had the opportunity to develop their listening and talking skills through linking in with Gàidhlig speakers in Australia, New York and Cape Breton. It is hoped that Stornoway Primary pupils will develop an ‘e-pals’ partnership with the pupils in Sgoil Mhabu, Cape Breton.

We value these exciting opportunities where our pupils have been able to develop their oral fluency in the Gàidhlig language through engaging in conversations with Gàidhlig speakers from around the world. Pupils are developing their awareness of the Gaelic culture whilst recognising the employability opportunities that being fluent in Gàidhlig can bring.

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