The Northern Alliance has designed a programme of Collaborative Online Curriculum Opportunities for senior phase pupils during the 2021/22 school session, enabling young people to undertake National Progression Awards, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher and Foundation Apprenticeship courses with teachers and pupils from across eight local authorities.

The programme is based on Aberdeen City Council’s City Campus model, in collaboration with the regional improvement collaborative’s e-learning school, e-Sgoil, and Digital Depute Head Teachers who are now working on behalf of each local authority to progress and enhance the digital agenda.

Courses run on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 – 4pm based on a column model which has been designed to suit most local authority areas. This allows for core teaching time to take place during the first part of the sessions, allowing for pupils who may require to leave early to access school transport.

e-Sgoil Head Teacher Angus Maclennan explains: “I’m impressed with what our new team of Digital Depute Head Teachers have developed to enhance equity of access to a range of relevant and engaging courses for pupils across the Northern Alliance.

“e-Sgoil has a good track record of engaging learners in an online environment and in terms of attainment. This offer builds on that learning and will provide young people with access to inspiring new opportunities and peer groups from across the Northern Alliance.”

Teachers from across the Northern Alliance’s eight local authority areas will lead the teaching of sessions, enabling more equitable access to a range of specialist subjects.

Find out more and encourage young people to apply at:

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