Our curriculum workstream lead Audrey Buchanan is adding value by facilitating collaboration on a number of important topics facing educators right now. Check out opportunities to join a number of forthcoming sessions:

Who are the most vital people in a child or young person’s network during transitions? How do you manage aspirations? How do you adapt transitions through the lens of Covid-19? What is vital, very important and important in transition processes? If you are planning on reviewing your transitions at all stages within your school, or as an ASG, then this professional learning will share the research and documentation, reflective questions, provide opportunities to collaborate and tools to take it forward in your context.

Dates are:

Please note both dates require to be attended.

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

Many schools want to use the current period as an opportunity to begin the re-focus on IDL and what it can offer our children and young people. Now, maybe more than ever, schools need to be places where young people learn and develop rich knowledge and the skills to thrive in a future which is increasingly unpredictable.

Scotland has always had Interdisciplinary learning (IDL) as a component part of the curriculum offer – it sits as one of the four contexts. These professional learning sessions will look at the ‘Why, What and How of IDL’. You will work with fellow colleagues to open up IDL and we will share examples of how schools and partners are being ambitious through the development of bold IDL experiences.


You can also join the IDL Network with peer collaboration and monthly meetings. Where we will explore themes such as :

  • Culture and ethos of the school
  • Unique local context
  • Commitment to IDL
  • Impact on learners

The first IDL Network meeting will take place on Tuesday 1st June from 4-5.30pm.

Curriculum Rationale in Action

What is the why, what and how of a curriculum rationale? On 21st April from 2-3.30pm school management teams are invited to come and see how one school, Connolly School Campus in West Lothian, wraps their curriculum round the needs of their learners and nurtures partnerships to enrich learner’s experiences. This will be followed up by a Curriculum Rationale workshop on 12th May 4-5.30pm.

You can find more details on all of these events including links to register on our Professional Learning page. If you have any questions or for more information, please email Audrey.Buchanan@highland.gov.uk or connect with Audrey on Twitter @Auds991

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