TechFest is currently running a Discovery Day project aimed towards pupils from P6 to S2. This is a great opportunity to introduce pupils at an early age to machine learning which is used in everyday life. The 5-hour project is made up of 3 workshops and includes a challenge where students get the opportunity to work in a group together to design a household product which uses machine learning. 

Learn more from Professor Brian Cox on Machine Learning Discovery Days:
(9) Machine Learning Discovery Day 1 – YouTube

If this is something you would be interested in running at your school please get in touch with the TechFest team and allow them to guide you throughout the Discovery Day. Prior to the project they will run an online event for teachers to give support and run through the programme together.  

You can also view more TechFest STEM content on their YouTube Page or read their latest newsletter. For more information, email or visit

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