In addition to our main website, the team has set up a Northern Alliance Connects online resource to support teachers and practitioners during this particularly challenging time and beyond. It is a source of information and resources to help colleagues connect with others and support remote learning, wherever you are across the Northern Alliance.

There’s an option on the site to share examples of practice you are finding work particularly well and offer food for thought to others, as well as give feedback on what you would like to see added.

The resource is primarily for colleagues within school who are delivering remote education, and many aspects of it will be useful as children and young people head back to school too.

It includes resources and materials practitioners can pick and choose from to support the delivery of learning and teaching, hints and tips to support remote learning pedagogy (regardless of the platform), an overview of the National e-Learning Offer as well as how to use and access this, lessons learned, wellbeing materials, digital support to help you make the most of Glow and access to regional networks as well as signposting local authority support services.

Streamlining and signposting of resources is included in Education Scotland’s National Overview of Practice in Remote Learning document as something practitioners would find helpful.

Northern Alliance Quality Improvement Manager Kathleen Johnston said: “We recognise there is a lot of information out there, at local authority, regional and national levels, and this new site offers bitesize pieces of information colleagues can then see at a glance what may be of most benefit to them.

“It features pedagogical pointers to practitioner-generated practice (now there’s a mouthful). All content is hosted with the aim of supporting high quality learning and teaching to improve outcomes for children and young people within a remote learning context.”

Visit the new Northern Alliance Connects online resource. For more information about the work of the Northern Alliance more generally, including a raft of new professional learning opportunities, stick to this website or join the team and networks via the SharePoint site within Glow. 

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