How can we all use our creativity to improve young people’s futures?

A partnership event for leaders, practitioners and learners at all levels and in all contexts from Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan Partners and the National Creative Learning Network will take place at the end of March.

‘The role of the creative leader is not to have all the ideas, it’s to create a culture where everybody will have ideas.’         Sir Ken Robinson

‘If our teachers are not creative and lifelong learners, our students will not become creative and lifelong learners’.      Andreas Schleicher,OECD

Creativity in leadership and learning is arguably more important now than ever before.

The Covid: 19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for education systems around the globe to transform so that young people are better equipped for a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. How can we, individually and collectively, meaningfully contribute to this transformation?

Everyone has the potential to bring creativity into their leadership and learning, to use creativity skills in decision making and for identifying and solving problems. Our creativity is a valuable human resource which we need to develop and draw on to enhance our own and others’ practice, learning and wellbeing.

Leaders, learners, practitioners, parents and carers are invited to join in a week of learning, professional dialogue and inspirational events exploring creative leadership, and leadership of creativity – whatever your role, context or subject specialism – from Mon 22 – Fri 26 March 2021.

Keep a look out on Education Scotland’s events listings pages.

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