There is no single recipe for wellbeing; it looks different for each of us. In its simplest form, wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively. It gives us the resources to navigate the highs and lows we all experience in our work and our lives, and enables us to flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

The purpose of the Northern Alliance’s Wellbeing Wednesday sessions is to provide an informal space for educators to connect and explore ways to improve our own wellbeing and approaches we can take to support the wellbeing of those around us. The interactive sessions are currently being facilitated by Angie Shearer, teacher at Alford Academy and qualified coach, and are based around different elements of Martin Seligman’s PERMAH model:

· P: POSITIVE EMOTIONS – finding the right balance of heartfelt positivity to boost our resilience.

· E: ENGAGEMENT – the regular development of our strengths.

· R: RELATIONSHIPS – the creation of authentic, energizing connections with others.

· M: MEANING – a sense of connection and purpose.

· A: ACCOMPLISHMENT – the belief and ability to do things that matter most to us.

· H: HEALTH – the focus on our nutrition, sleep and physical exercise

It’s possible to join the Wellbeing Wednesday Team and sessions at any time by emailing or using the Eventbrite link in the Northern Alliance SharePoint site. A wide range of resources to support the sessions can also be accessed in the Team space. The next few sessions will cover:

· 20th Jan – Meaning

· 3rd Feb – Accomplishment

· 24th Feb – Health

Aberdeenshire Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

Many thanks to Aberdeenshire Education Psychologists Liz Bolton and Helen Mackay for their CLPL session on the Aberdeenshire Staff Wellbeing Toolkit developed by their team. The toolkit offers suggestions and ideas to promote physical and mental well-being during the pandemic and beyond. If you missed the session you can access the toolkit via the link below: Aberdeenshire Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

National Wellbeing Support

A wide range of support is available nationally which can be accessed via the Education Scotland and GTCS websites.

Have a look at the Early Years Scotland Team ELC Wellbeing Hub at: ELC Wellbeing Hub (

The Place2Think programme is free for teachers and school leaders across Scotland. This unique online opportunity, guided by an experienced Place2Be clinician, provides participants with a space to reflect on the emotional impact of their work, how emotional and mental health factors can impact learning for some young people, and to explore possibilities for responding to issues they’re facing.

Read more about the offer and register for an information session: Place2Think Programme

Remember our Snow and Tell pointers too

You can find the Northern Alliance ‘End of the working day checklist’ under door 5 of our 2020 Snow and Tell ThingLink as well as a reminder about restorative practices behind door 6.

There’s more to support wellbeing with tips on ‘Managing the stress reaction’ at door 12 and a tool to help you consider what you need to work at your best under door 13. Develop your understanding of what contributes towards positive wellbeing by visiting door 20

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