If you have ever stumbled with accessing Glow, you’re not alone.

As part of our improvement activities for this year, we’ve developed a number of key drivers including Digital Learning Transformation. Colleagues across our local authorities are taking steps to increase the accessibility of our information and resources, and this includes supporting and promoting access to Glow.

A small group of digital leaders from across the Northern Alliance, with the help from our Education Scotland Northern Team Digital Lead, have come up with four interactive Thinglink images to help practitioners access Glow for resources, meetings and professional learning. These Thinglink images have been created packed full of links and guidance from managing tenancies and troubleshooting issues, where to go for additional help and support in your own local authority, setting up and managing online meetings, and much more.

Digital lead Susan Sey explains: “Glow may not be your local authority’s preferred platform, but it is available and accessible to all our practitioners. Gaining confidence in using it can help to open up a new world of networking opportunities with colleagues from across the Northern Alliance, as well as guidance, resources and support. We hope these new, interactive tools will be welcomed by colleagues across the board.”

Access these new interactive Thinglink hotspots now:

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