There are many excellent resources and CLPL offers available from a range of sources to support educator wellbeing in both a personal and professional context. This month we are highlighting resources that can be found via the GTCS website and Collective Leadership for Scotland.

Our colleagues at GTC Scotland have created and curated a variety of high quality resources and advice to support teacher and lecturer health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis. There are a wide range of recordings that can be accessed at any time. Keep an eye out for their drop-in sessions facilitated by a range of partners. 

Recognising the very difficult circumstances that many colleagues are working in at present, Collective Leadership for Scotland have made a range of supportive practices available which might create a route for reflection, support and connection or might simply create an opportunity to try something new and have a different experience.

Why not join us for Wellbeing Wednesday? Over the next four months, Aberdeenshire Teacher and ICF coach Angie Shearer will be hosting a series of webinars which will introduce the science of positive psychology and Martin Seligman’s PERMAH model, as a way to lead us to greater levels of wellbeing and move us from functioning to flourishing. Find out more here.

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