We are delighted to announce that the Northern Alliance Progress and Impact report for 2019-2020 and our updated Regional Improvement Plan are now published and can be accessed on the home page of our website.

The Progress and Impact report shares progress towards the priorities outlined within our plan. Key developments across the year included:

  • The introduction of Curriculum Leads for Primary and Secondary
  • Launch of the Northern Alliance Learning Hub
  • Recruitment of Digital Deputy Head Teachers as part of our e-Learning developments

This report also outlines how we as a Regional Improvement Collaborative responded to Covid-19:

  • Refocusing our RIC vision in response to the current situation (short term)
  • Understanding and supporting the needs within the system
  • Building and growing connections (longer term)

As a result, engagements and networks began to grow and colleagues welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with one another to share learning and practice during the most challenging of times. You can find out more about some of our achievements by accessing our data sway.

Moving forward, we have been building on these foundations by working together with our networks of Local Authority and Education Scotland colleagues to consider our priorities for the future. This work has gone on to inform the updated Northern Alliance Regional Improvement Plan. This is Year Two of our plan and whilst the priorities remain the same, we have agreed actions which focus on current challenges and opportunities which learning and teaching within a global pandemic can bring. We have also used the Model for Improvement to help us understand more effectively whether a change has led to an improvement. Key changes you may notice are measurable aims, outcome and process measures, as well as a focus on data over time.

 In effect, this is our road map for improvement – how we as a collective can work together and add value to the great work going on in schools and local authorities across the Northern Alliance. However, like any map, we need to know which direction we are travelling in and also be ready and looking forward to the journey ahead. Our eyes are firmly fixed on our RIC vision – Developing a culture of collaboration, sharing of expertise and creating local and regional networks to improve the educational and life chances of our children and young people.

We know that the road ahead is not going to be a smooth one, but we also know that the destination will be worth it. Let’s go!

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