Research undertaken by CLD Managers Scotland has clearly demonstrated the adaptability and resilience of the sector as we have moved to support emergency Covid-19 operations as well as retaining core work where possible and, in some cases, managing furlough situations.

To find out more and to read a letter of thanks to the sector from the Scottish Government Minister, Richard Lochhead, visit:

Priority focus for CLD in the Northern Alliance

Over the next year you will find CLD work focussing particularly on:

  1. Capturing approaches to wider achievement for young people and adults and sharing practice
  2. Capturing and analysing youth participation and youth voice
  3. Further developing approaches to Family Learning
  4. Increasing access to professional learning – including online

Excellence through collaboration

Thanks to Nicola Sykes, Senior Education Officer with Education Scotland for her useful workshop on Excellence through Collaboration during the Northern Alliance’s Promoting Excellence Week which will be scheduled again shortly for a second cohort to join. Dates will be circulated via networks once agreed.

Changing Tides and Making Waves – Youth Conference

Strengthening youth voice and representation is built into the priorities of the Northern Alliance. By working in collaboration with the North Sea Commission this exciting 14th November online international event is in the final planning stages. Building on the youth event in Inverness in 2019 this will take forward an agenda which includes Climate Change, Marine Resources, Transport, Young People’s Rights, Strengthening Youth Voice and Education.

Open to young people aged 16- 23, speakers and workshops are in place and a lot of challenging but fruitful discussion is anticipated.

Find out more from:

Esme Leitch – or Fiona Richardson –

STEM update

Key partners in the Unlocking STEM in CLD project were pleased, during the Northern Alliance Promoting Equity Week, to be able to share the resources and learning gained through their innovative collaboration. Grant funds and support from Education Scotland and the efforts of Community Learning and Development (CLD) staff in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City councils and Aberdeen Science Centre have resulted in pilot workshops, materials, guidance, a case study publication and an online training programme for access across the Northern Alliance area. All of these things are aimed at strengthening the practice of those working in CLD through learner engagement with a STEM focus.

Programme link – Science for Community Learning and Development Workers:

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