Our 1+2 Language SharePoint site in Glow has been updated with a list of language websites that schools and pupils can access, alongside the Education Scotland Languages Wakelet link. We decided to share this on our website too, so parents and learners can benefit and teachers and practitioners who have not yet made the leap to joining us on Glow can gain insight into some of the benefits of regional networking to share best practice: Online Resources for Primary

On Glow you can also access Language Challenge sheets suitable for 1st and 2nd level which have been proving very popular.

You can also find links to a set of basic French language learning videos created by our Lead Officer for Modern Foreign Languages to support teachers with no or very little French to learn some of the language. A reminder of the URL for the Sharepoint site: https://glowscotland.sharepoint.com/sites/AberdeenshireCouncil/northernalliance/mfldevgroup

We also recently supported the British Council in compiling video clip case studies on the benefits of employing language assistants in schools. This one focuses on Westhill Academy in Aberdeenshire: https://www.britishcouncil.org/school-resources/employ-language-assistant/why while another looks at the innovative approach the Western Isles is taking, not only to employ a language assistant for direct work with pupils in one school but to extend this expertise to others using e-learning supported by e-Sgoil: https://vimeo.com/407626847

The PT Language Focus Group is made up from language department Principle teachers from across the Northern Alliance who meet to discuss collaborative support for each other. If you are interested in joining future discussions, email Sylvia.Georgin@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Look out for details of language-specific professional learning opportunities coming up very soon too!

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