Just as schools and services have had to respond to the pandemic, the officers working together on Northern Alliance projects have recalibrated and adapted ways of working to support practitioners in our ‘new normal’. As part of this, we revisited our vision:

‘Developing a culture of collaboration, sharing of expertise and creating local and regional networks to improve the educational and life chances of our children and young people.’

This led to the development of two clear areas of work during this time: better understanding the need of learners, teachers and practitioners (in the current context) and then working collaboratively to meet those needs.

We’ve been a sounding board, a trusted source and a friendly (virtual) face to those who engage with our networks and we want to be even more accessible to even more people, at the same time as upping our game when it comes to sharing our resources, knowledge and expertise online. There’s a new contacts list on our website and every page on our external site now points to where you’ll be able to securely access all that we can over via Glow.

The Glow offering includes a number of online professional learning opportunities as well as information and resources. Forthcoming professional learning opportunities include:

  • Higher Mathematics: Improving Performance with Attention to
    Mathematical Detail
    ‘ – Tuesday 26th May, 4 – 5.15pm
  • ‘The Trouble with Fractions…‘ (focusing on progression from Level 2 to Level
    3) – Monday 1st June, 4 – 5.15pm
  • Higher and Advanced Higher Biology online short course – delivered flexibly
    in partnership with the University of Aberdeen
  • ‘The Facts About Child Poverty’ for school staff at all levels – Tuesday 2nd
    June, 9.15 – 10am, Wednesday 10th June, 3.45 – 4.30pm or Thursday 18th
    June (via Google Meet), 3.45 – 4.30pm

Glow is accessible to every teacher, practitioner, and every learner, in Scotland. It’s packed with useful tools and networking opportunities and if you don’t know your login details visit https://glowconnect.org.uk/ to get help.

Hop over to our Professional Learning tab for the latest updates on events if you’re not quite ready to explore Glow.



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