Our leadership workstream team has put together an e-bulletin with information on courses, activities and opportunities which may be of interest to teachers and practitioners across the Northern Alliance.

Find out about courses delivered by Education Scotland as well as the University of Aberdeen and the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Applications will soon be open for many courses starting next session so now is a good time to start exploring the options that are available.

This workstream team is also hoping to develop a coaching network across the Northern Alliance. Have you taken part in coaching activities in the past? If so please share your details with us via the form to help us shape our offer of support and professional learning.

The e-bulletin also offers insight into the experiences of one of our leaders, Dan Hall, DHT at Charleston School in Aberdeen.

Olwen Fraser who has developed the new e-bulletin explains: “Coaching is a highly effective way of supporting individuals as well as teams. Leaders who make use of coaching skills can improve performance and build capacity in others. We hope our work to promote leadership courses as well as coaching opportunities will make a huge difference to individuals, teams, schools and performance moving forward.”

Read the new Professional Learning E-Bulletin on Sway.

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