The Emerging Literacy area of the site has been redeveloped. In taking a developmental approach to literacy, language and communication, there are four elements to consider (click the links below):

Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Early Learning and Childcare (ELC).  Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Primary 1 (P1). Supporting children beyond the Early Level with gaps in foundational literacy skills. A whole school approach to literacy, language and communication – the elements worth considering.

Today we launch the final section of the Emerging Literacy suite of resources – the Whole School Literacy, Language and Communication Toolkit

Schools, through their curriculum rationale, and ongoing professional learning, enable staff to understand the following elements of pedagogy. Through ongoing self-evaluation, schools identify areas of continuous development. By clicking on each of the nine images below, you will be taken to a suite of professional learning that you can develop with the whole school team, built into your school improvement plan.

James Cook

James Cook is seconded from Highland Council to the role of Quality Improvement Officer, leading Emerging Literacy across the Northern Alliance. James is working with education, health and psychological services across the Northern Alliance to support Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings and schools in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy. James has interests in Literacy, Equalities, Mindset and Creativity.


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