The Emerging Literacy area of the site has been redeveloped. In taking a developmental approach to literacy, language and communication, there are four elements to consider (click the links below):

Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Early Learning and Childcare (ELC).  Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Primary 1 (P1). Supporting children beyond the Early Level with gaps in foundational literacy skills. A whole school approach to literacy, language and communication – the elements worth considering.

Today we launch the final section of the Emerging Literacy suite of resources – the Whole School Literacy, Language and Communication Toolkit

Schools, through their curriculum rationale, and ongoing professional learning, enable staff to understand the following elements of pedagogy. Through ongoing self-evaluation, schools identify areas of continuous development. By clicking on each of the nine images below, you will be taken to a suite of professional learning that you can develop with the whole school team, built into your school improvement plan.


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