Over the last academic session a new Literacy and English progression for the Early Level of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which provides guidance for practitioners to supports children’s development within and through the Level towards the CfE Benchmarks for Early Level, has been developed with education and health practitioners across Highland and the Northern Alliance. This week we publish the new progression materials. 

CLICK HERE – Early Level Literacy and English Progression Page

To support learning, teaching and assessment in Early Level Literacy and English a new progression framework for the Early Level (which replaces the Early Level within Steps to Success) has been developed to provide guidance on the observe-plan-reflect cycle within and through the Early Level towards the Early Level Benchmarks for Literacy and English.

The progression tool has three parts:

  • Using the Early Level Literacy and English Progression framework – an overview page which explains how the progression can be used to support Literacy and English development in the Early Level.
  • Progression statements for listening and talking, reading and writing – which detail what the practitioner may observe at four stages within and through the Early Level.
  • “You can help me…” reference tools for each stage within and through the Early Level – which detail the practitioner’s role in supporting a child’s learning, appropriate to their next stage in development, including links to appropriate resources.

The progression has been developed as a multi-agency approach between and by practitioners in education and health and is designed to be used as an online point of reference.

CLICK HERE – Early Level Progression Tool

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