Over the last week we have had five days of events which have brought together practitioners from across the Northern Alliance as part of the Emerging Literacy workstream. On Tuesday and Wednesday we brought together 150 practitioners to celebrate and share the impact of Emerging Literacy on their professional learning and the outcomes for their children. On Thursday, Friday and yesterday we brought together a further 200 practitioners to begin their Emerging Literacy journey for the 18/19 session.

All of the materials from the sessions can be found on the Northern Alliance Raising Attainment in Literacy, Language and Communication Yammer Site.

To support schools in their Emerging Literacy journey a School Improvement Plan template has been created. You can download it from the link below:

NA_Emerging Literacy SIP for Schools 2018_2019


James Cook

James Cook is seconded from Highland Council to the role of Quality Improvement Officer, leading Emerging Literacy across the Northern Alliance. James is working with education, health and psychological services across the Northern Alliance to support Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings and schools in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy. James has interests in Literacy, Equalities, Mindset and Creativity.


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