As part of ongoing school self evaluation, linked to How Good Is Our School 4 (HGIOS4) and How Good Is Our Early Learning and Childcare (HGIOELC), an audit tool to support schools in taking a whole school approach to Emerging Literacy has been created and is being shared through the Emerging Literacy Networks.

The Emerging Literacy Audit Tool is linked to the five Quality Indicators (Q.Is) within the Emerging Literacy improvement plan. The tool provides statements of practice which support schools in taking a whole school approach to Emerging Literacy. Schools are encouraged to firstly use pg.1 to audit their progress against the statements linked to each of the Q.Is.

Following this, schools can use pg.2 to pg.6 to identify their next steps as part of their ongoing engagement with taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy; the statements within the audit supporting the action plan within the School Improvement Plan.

CLICK HERE – Emerging Literacy Audit Tool

James Cook

James Cook is seconded from Highland Council to the role of Quality Improvement Officer, leading Emerging Literacy across the Northern Alliance. James is working with education, health and psychological services across the Northern Alliance to support Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings and schools in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy. James has interests in Literacy, Equalities, Mindset and Creativity.


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