The Northern Alliance aims to improve the outcomes for children and young people. Through the working partnerships within and across local authorities and within and across health boards, effective collaboration is core to the improvements across the Northern Alliance.

As part of the Raising Attainment in Literacy, Language and Communication workstream, face to face collaboration is promoted through Northern Alliance events and local authority networks. To enhance the ongoing collaboration to improve outcomes for children and young people, the Northern Alliance also uses digital collaboration through the use of Yammer.

Yammer is a platform which promotes collaboration, building connections between people. The Yammer education network within Scotland is accessed through Glow. There is also a Yammer app which can be downloaded for smartphones and tablets. The Raising Attainment in Literacy, Language and Communication workstream aim to use Yammer across the Northern Alliance to:
 strengthen the collaboration between practitioners
 share resources
 share impact on practice and outcomes for children
 discuss queries and questions.



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