On Tuesday the Scottish Summary of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) final Literacy report was published.

The report and supplementary documents can be accessed on the link below:

CLICK HERE – SSLN (Literacy) 2016

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Reflecting on the views of practitioners within the supplementary table, it is evident that practitioners are valuing high quality Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) in which they can learn from one another.

The aim of the Local Emerging Literacy networks in Highland is to support practitioners in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy through practitioner collaboration. This in turn aims to support practitioners’ understanding of ‘achievement of a level’ through ongoing reflection on Early Level literacy, language and communication outcomes for children through engagement with the Emerging Literacy materials.

In taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy we strive to ensure that children have solid foundational reading and writing skills. Early signs from the Northern Alliance: Raising Attainment in literacy, language and communication – Interim Report – March 2017 have indicated that through collaborative enquiry where teachers have developed their subject knowledge, working  with other teachers and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), the literacy, language and communication experiences have been tailored to the needs of learners, matched to their developmental stage.

Education Scotland has significantly streamlined the guidance on Curriculum for Excellence. Key resources to support teachers raise attainment in literacy are noted below:

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