The anti-weapon/knife crime resource pack is now available to all Aberdeen City schools. The resource pack has been based on the recommendations from the Andrew Lowe report published in October 2016. The pack contains educational resources to aid pupil and parental engagement in developing understanding of weapon/knife crime. Implementation of the anti-weapon/knife crime resource pack will highlight the consequences of weapon carrying and the importance of sharing information on weapon crime.

Cover letter

cover letter

HT Assembly

Assembly Anti-weapon knife crime

Pledge Ad

pledge ad

Pupil Agenda Item

Agenda Item for Pupil Councils Term 3

Draft Policy

Anti-Weapon_Knife Crime_Policy draft2

Parent Letter

Letter to parents anti-weapon rules

Parent Leaflet

Weapon awareness parent leaflet final


final weapon poster 2

Early stages Poster

final weapon poster early stages

Lesson booklet

Weapon Awareness booklet


anti-weapon quiz

Crime Facts

crime facts

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