This week at the Aberdeen Learning Festival the Emerging Literacy workshop was full to the brim with over 100 practitioners from across the north coming together to hear about the work of the Northern Alliance in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy.

Emerging Literacy, originally developed in Highland Council, aims to ensure that all children benefit from a developmental literacy curriculum which is appropriate to their stage of development. The materials which have been created by a multiagency team in Highland – including education, early years Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists – support practitioners in assessing and targeting  the gaps in pre-reading and pre-writing skills to build a solid foundation for literacy, language and communication.

Whilst the approach is being developed universally within the Early Level, many practitioners attended who work with children beyond P1 to support learners who do not yet have secure pre-reading and pre-writing skills through targeted intervention.

You can find out more information about Emerging Literacy through the Highland Literacy Blog:

CLICK HERE – Emerging Literacy


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